Boiling water is a common task. It can be necessary for cooking, a school project or any number of reasons that require bubbling, scalding water. While bringing water to a boil on your stovetop is easy, you may be looking for other methods to speed up the process. Among the potential speed-up methods is the strategy of boiling cold water for a faster boil, but does this really work?

Does cold water boil faster or is that just a myth? Does hot water boil faster? Black Umbrella

Does cold water boil faster? Or does hot water boil faster?

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No, cold water does not boil faster than any other temperature of water, Allrecipes says. Water will only begin to boil when it reaches its boiling point, regardless of the beginning temperature. 

Water’s boiling temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, explains Britannica. This can be translated to 100 degrees Celsius and 373 degrees Kelvin. When water boils, it is “transitioning from liquid to gaseous state at a rapid speed,” according to WorldAtlas.

Britannica notes this temperature applies only at sea level. Higher altitudes yield a lower boiling point. Any impurities, like common table salt, in the water will affect its boiling point.

At what temperature does water boil?:Explaining water's boiling point and how long it will take.

While not necessarily boiling faster, hot water will start at a higher temperature than cold water, says Allrecipes. This will cause the water to reach its boiling point in less time, rather than a faster boiling speed. A pot of 100-degree water will reach its boiling point in less time than a pot of 40-degree water.

If you’re needing to quickly boil water, filling a pot with hot water is the way to go.

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Boiled water can be used for cooking “vegetables, potatoes, pasta,” for example, to be eaten by themselves or in larger dishes, according to WorldAtlas. 

Boiling water sterilizes it, enabling it to be safely drunk without fear of the presence of bacteria and microorganisms. WorldAtlas recommends boiling water for at least 10 minutes to “ensure that most, if not all of the bacteria are dead,” as a safety precaution.

Does cold water boil faster? Or does hot water boil faster?

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